To create your account choose "Sign Up" from the drop down menu of the "My Account" link on the top right header corner or use the "Sell" link available on the top left header corner, then you will have a choice to Sign in or Create an account. When registering you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, preferred login credentials etc. Mandatory fields include:

Once registered you will receive an Email, where you have to confirm your registration, by clicking on the confirmation link. Please check your spam/bulk/junk folder too. Should you encounter any registration difficulties, please, contact us.

User Verification (optional)

It is not compulsory to become a verified user, but as a seller it gives your customers added peace of mind when bidding on your auctions, and as a buyer it gives the seller the same. A fee is required to become a verified user. Upon becoming verified, this fee is refunded to your account and can be used to pay for all of the site’s paid features. Before applying to be a verified user, please contact us.

Placing A Bid

Placing a bid on an item you are interested in couldn't be easier, when viewing the item details page you will have one area from where you can place your bid, next to the item picture. To place your bid simply enter the amount you wish to bid e.g. 50. Please note no currency symbols are required. The bid will be placed in the auction currency. Once done you will be asked to confirm your bid. To submit your bid simply press "Place bid".

If your bid is high enough to take the lead in the auction a confirmation message will be displayed to you, however if your bid has not taken the lead be it due to a higher proxy bid or not meeting the reserve price you will be invited to make a further bid.

Should you decide to retract your bid this can be done via the "Current Bids" section of the member's area.

In the same place you can also place a proxy bid, proxy bidding allows you to place your maximum bid. At all times you will only pay the lowest required bid should you win the auction. For example, if the current bid on an auction is 500, you can place a proxy bid of 2 000. Should you remain the only bidder you will only pay 500. However should the item receive other bids the site will automatically re-bid for you (up to 2,000 in this scenario) to ensure you remain in the lead.

Buy Out

If the option is available you can use "Buy Out" to purchase the item immediately without having to place a bid. Some sellers offer such an option which can be used at any time until a bid has been placed over any applicable reserve price. The "Buy Out" option will appear on the item details page, you will be asked to confirm your intention to buy out the item before the sale is concluded. Buy outs cannot be retracted.

Wish List

The item into wish list feature lets you keep a close eye on any auction without having to place a bid on it. This feature means you can be kept up to date on how an auction is doing and prepares you to place a winning last-minute bid. You can watch any auction by clicking on the "Wish list" link on any auction page or on the hard icon below every auction on the listings.

How To Sell

To list your item simply click on the "Sell" link found on the top left header navigation bar. The listing process is split up into several main sections, notably:

The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly. The first part of the process is to choose listing type of the auction. There are three types:

Then is the category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the "Previous Step" navigation button. Here you can also select an additional category, this is optional. Following are item title and description, a full WYSIWYG editor is in place to enable you to use HTML descriptions. A "Short description" field is also an option. Then you can add images of your item and / or digital goods for sell, like e-books, software, graphics ....

Moving on to the second page, this is the biggest stage of the listing process. On this step you can set the following:

On the next step you can set your shipping and payment preferences including your shipping rates and available methods of delivery. You can also set if you accept returns or not.

Moving onto the next step, you can then review the listing and make changes if required, using the "Previous step" button. Please note you can still edit your listing once live via the member's area. This step provides you with a listing confirmation. If you have a voucher code to redeem this can be entered in the field present in the "Listing Setup Fees" section, just below the description field. Read Terms and Conditions and if you agree with them and everything with your listing is good, press on the "List Now" button. Now your listing is created and needs to be approved from an administrator.